"LISTEN" Women's V-Neck **NEW RELEASE**
"LISTEN" Women's V-Neck **NEW RELEASE**
"LISTEN" Women's V-Neck **NEW RELEASE** $24.99

Some men still have the courage to take that first step into letting their interest in a woman be known, which is great. But then some men don't know how to take very kind and vague rejections and will be happy to cut into your very busy schedule to try and "wear you down" or change your mind. This is where we go wrong. Even worse is when we're offended that you, a single woman, would have the audacity to not be interested in just ANY man who looks your way and smiles. Well this shirt is for women who've ever been in that position. If you tried nice the first time and it didn't work, try being blunt the next time. I promise, it's much more effective. :) 


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