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4 Definite Signs Your Man Is STILL In Love With His Ex

By Derrick Jaxn
on December 17, 2016

4 Definite Signs Your Man Is STILL In Love With His Ex

There's no real victory and finding a new boo that's still got one foot in the door he told you he closed before you. If you're playing for keeps and not for a lease, read on to see if your man fits the description. If so, don't say you didn't see the red flags...


#1 Keeps gifts that she gave him that he doesn't use


3 Books EVERY Woman Should Have

By Derrick Jaxn
on October 27, 2016

3 Books EVERY Woman Should Have

"Your good becomes great when a good woman gets added into the equation. Don't you ever forget that." -A Cheating Man's Heart (Fiction novel)


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"I don't miss you. I just miss the feeling that I had when I still believed in you." -A Cheating Man's Heart 2 (Fiction Novel)


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Don't ever let a man teach you how to love him before you've first practiced on yourself." - I Still Want It (Poetry Book)


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By Derrick Jaxn
on August 30, 2016


Yeah, the feeling you got when you first read that was probably a fraction as intense as the feeling I got when I first saw a post with that headline.

Mortified. Confused. Curious in every direction imaginable and damned if I didn't click to see what could possibly be up.

That was the old me, anyway. The naive me. The one who thought good deeds went unpunished. The one who didn't really think of what I was doing as much of a good deed, just a chance to voice my thoughts on things that affected people in situations like the ones I encountered. My daily to-do felt as normal and harmless as waking up, stretching, and brushing my teeth. The thought that I could be somehow "exposed" for doing that was the most vulnerable I'd felt since I lost my virginity to a self-proclaimed "hoe" without a condom. (Insert shaking head and face palm on my behalf)

If you're wondering, no. This is not some juicy gossip blog about something I've been doing behind the scenes that could ruin me despite so many growing to love me for what will soon turn out to be one big fat lie. This is about people's die-hard infatuation with that possibility that seems to sell more than some with a genuine passion for what they do who has to nerve to stand for something that could possibly make some people feel upset. 

Why? Like, no seriously. Why? Why is it we'd rather talk about Jay Z's alleged illuminatti affiliations, or Beyonce's fake baby she carried, or Drake's stolen lyrics as opposed to simply supporting people being great at what they do until we have concrete proof to hold them accountable for? Why is it that one rumor can help tarnish a decade of body of work? I don't know the answers to those questions, but I do know one thing. If you're on a mission to be more than average and impact more than a few, get ready because your time is coming.

One goal at a time, you'll find yourself achieving your dreams that you set out for long before anyone had a clue(gave a sh*t) about what you were doing, when you had no support but the pillow you cried into at nights you felt like a complete failure. You'll be inundated with people you're inspiring and the increasing potential that exceeds everything you ever imagined. Then you'll look through the crowd and see a few crouched down at the very end of your ship drilling holes, trying to recruit help, hoping that just one of them can sink your ship. And you'll be tasked with either stopping them at all costs, or continuing to steer your ship so that it reaches its destination.

I made the decision to continue on steering my ship, but I noticed the holes as well, just like any human would. Whether I'm just one lucky ass intellectual thief that made it off a t-shirt I didn't originate, a man who claims to love women but secretly loves men, or a guy who says things just to get p*ssy(Hey, I never said hole drillers were consistent with their lies), I've noticed them. But more importantly, I notice the drillers and question why they'd ever want to sink a ship like mine when every one on board is headed somewhere so beautiful that even they are invited to come as well.

I guess we'll never know. But as a wise man once said, "These days, if they don't have a story, they'll make one."



My thoughts on guys who say "I need me an Ayesha Curry" Derrick Jaxn Derrick Jaxn

By Derrick Jaxn
on March 20, 2016

Should your relationship be on social media?

By Derrick Jaxn
on March 17, 2016

"Every man cheats, but if he loves you, you'll never find out." -Amber Rose...

By Derrick Jaxn
on March 17, 2016
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7 Reasons Catering To Your Woman Is Lame

By Derrick Jaxn
on September 20, 2015

Written by: @DerrickJaxn

  1. Real men are afraid of what their friends may think. Why? Because when their friends are at home minding their business, they’re going to be thinking about you and what you have going on in your home. And those thoughts are going stop paying your bills for you and take food off your table. The moment your friends disapprove of the way you cater to your woman, you might as well just look up because the sky is probably already halfway down to the ground about to fall on everything you know and love.
  2. Why love a woman and actually show it? You wouldn’t get your dream home and live in it would you? You wouldn’t prepare a feast fit for a king and actually eat it would you? The only logical thing there is to do when you love something is to keep it to yourself and act like you don’t. Showing how you feel is for simps and suckas. The moment your actions begin lining up with your words, your masculinity diminishes and no one will respect you. Women enjoy having to guess how their man feels. They can appreciate the feeling of doubt.
  3. The golden rule is, “We don’t’ love dem hoes” which was stated by life coach, Snoop Dogg. He and other life coaches rap about 
    how they’ll never settle down and if you look into their real life, that’s obviously what they’re doing. Besides, everyone lives the life they rap about. That’s a known fact. So it only makes sense to blindly follow them down this path instead of using your brain.
  4. Street cred over head. If complete strangers realize that you show affection to your woman, that could risk the head nods and “sups” you receive when you pass them by from day to day. Once that happens you might even lose the fist-to-chest-pump-then-point that solidifies an unbreakable bond with these complete strangers. And all of this feels better than coming home to woman who’s been waiting to rock your world just out of sheer appreciation for the smile you keep on her face. No, that’s not what you want. You must ensure that people you hardly know continue giving you daps at all costs.
  5. Side chicks last forever. If side chicks don’t know they’re side chicks, it’s not like they’ll ever find out. They’ll never wonder why they can’t see you on holidays. They’ll never pop up at your house when you’re not answering. They’ll never investigate once your relationship with them doesn’t progress. And if she KNOWS she’s a side chick, clearly she has some strong values and will always keep your secret safe. If she gets pregnant, it’ll be the best co-parenting situation ever and she’s going to be repulsed by the idea of child support. Matter of fact, you can count on her to make your life a living heaven. So why would you give up all that stress just to sleep peacefully knowing you’re being good to just one woman?
  6. You want your daughter to grow up and spend her life with a man who respects women, practices chivalry, and knows the importance of consistency? Cool. Be the opposite. Trying to set an example for your kids is no excuse for violating the g code and besides, kids don’t remember anything. And if they do, your daughter will respect you more for the fact you never grew switched up.
  7. Women don’t have a limit to how much bullshit they’ll put up with. They don’t get tired of being neglected nor eventually walk out either. Chances are, if you have a beautiful woman who’s good to you and has herself together, nobody else has noticed. Not any guys at work, or old flames from college, and definitely not your homeboys. Good women get in relationships and it totally turns off all other guys from ever wanting to entertain them in the future should they walk out, so don’t worry about that happening. I’m willing to bet right now, she couldn’t get a guy to sleep with her if she begged him to. So put your feet up and relax in comfort knowing that you’re totally irreplaceable.

By the way, all of this is sarcasm, in case there really is some guy out there glad that there’s another ain’t shit dude who can relate to him. If catering to your woman is lame, then I want to be the most picnic planning, foot massaging, toe sucking, breakfast cooking, forehead kissing, love letter writing, back rubbing, date night cuddling, flower bringing, daily praying, and marriage proposing lame alive.

 -Derrick Jaxn






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8 Reasons You Don't Wife a Woman That Makes You Wait for Sex

By Derrick Jaxn
on September 17, 2015

Written by: @DerrickJaxn




This is for men across the world who are sick and tired of being told they need to wait to get the drawls!!!!

  1. Anything you have to wait for is pretty much useless; Home cooked meals, PhD’s, 401k retirement funds, Multi-million dollar inheritances, Newborn babies, Answered prayers, etc. You see, none of that has any value. Higher education and heaven are for losers and losers don't get to eat three times a day in the fast food drive thru.
  1. Why be careful when rushing is an option? Look at people who rushed their test taking in high school. The people who rush on the highway when a red light tries to keep them from getting to their destination before everyone else. People who rush to judgment before they have all the facts. THESE are the types we should model ourselves after, gentlemen.
  2. She probably has some mumbo jumbo about why she’s not giving it up the first week, night or hour. Like, “I don’t just go having sex with everybody.” But that doesn't make any sense. It’s not like if she does have sex with a lot of guys, people are going to look at her like she’s a slut or hoe or something. It’s not like she’ll feel used or empty inside. What world is SHE living in?
  3. Let me guess, “Waiting for sex allows you to build a solid foundation for a long term relationship.” Blah blah blah. Do people who build huge buildings, bridges and houses stress over a “foundation”? NO! They know that if they rub the buildings gently, stare deep into the windows and say “Baby, you’ll never fall. You gon’ stand tall forever.” then the building will be just fine.
  4. A woman that makes you wait might use the excuse, “I don’t want to risk getting pregnant prematurely.” That’s the dumbest one of all. You might as well try to convince me that condoms sometimes break and other forms of birth control aren’t always 100 percent effective. Or that having a baby before you’re in a committed relationship puts the odds against both the parents and the baby for the absolute best upbringing. Not a statistic in sight that can back that claim.
  5. Sex, just like everything else in life, requires no background check or proof that a person is who they say they are first. That’s almost like saying you should verify someone’s credentials before they work on your vehicle, babysit your children, or do open heart surgery on you. Word is bond, that’s all you ever need from someone in life. If she doesn’t know that, then it tells you a lot about her. Besides, stalkers and serial killers only exist in movies.
  6. You should actually be offended if she’s ever had sex with a guy who didn’t have to wait but is now making you wait. Any decent, God fearing, Donald Trump voting American handles mistakes by making them over and over again, not by learning from them.
  7. A woman who makes you wait has bad character. That’s the only reason she’d want you to accept her, flaws and all or nothing at all. But why not be able to cherry pick what you want and go? Can’t you go to a brand new car dealer where they only sell the highest quality vehicles and just ask them for the engine? Okay, probably not. But at least they’ll send you to a salvage yard where the cars aren’t so freakin’ stuck up!


So on second thought, if you’re only in it for a small portion of the complete package, save yourself some trouble and go to the salvage yard. That’s where you belong.

By the way, this article is sarcasm. I have a feeling somebody is pissed right now so, yeah.


Like the article? Good, share it. And while you're at it, treat yourself to a $10 sale on my latest book. :) (Click the book cover image)



Why Your Man is Faithful To You, But You're Still His Side Chick

By Derrick Jackson
on September 12, 2015

Written by: Derrick Jaxn

Let's get one thing clear, there is no such thing as a main chick. If there's more than one involved, then everybody's a side; one piece is just bigger than the other.

porsha and kordellBut most women who are side chicks, aren't coming second to another woman, but rather to the fear of what could go wrong from requiring more. They say things like, "At least I got a man." No, he has you-wrapped around his finger, safely away from a man who's ready and willing to love you because you think your loyalty will change him into a better man.

You've been played so much, you feel like a man who's faithful is some kind of bonus as opposed to the bare minimum that it should be. You know you aren't happy, but being able to convince everyone else you are is enough to help you hold on a little longer. Accept your reality or change it; but you can't deny it forever.

Trust me, I get the whole down for whatever thing; you don't want to hog a man's time and attention because you're not selfish, right? But why be with someone who'll ask you hush while the game is on but can't turn his phone off while the two of you watch a movie? A man whose focus is never completely yours unless he's trying to come or he's telling you he's hungry. Answer that out loud on the first try without stuttering.0

Pay attention and you'll notice that these are the same women that will talk shit to a genuinely happy single woman with all her bills paid and money left over, then dare her to give any advice on life.

"You wish you had a man", says the miserably taken woman.

"You wish he was a man", responds the single woman with sense enough to leave that other side of the bed vacant instead of getting placeholder penis to run the miles up on her walls and eat all her groceries.

Yes you can do better, but not if you're afraid of being alone and finally doing nothing. Nothing, as in being alone on the weekend while everybody else is cuddled up. Nothing as in wishing you had someone to give you Valentine's Day candy so you could post it on Instagram. Nothing as in going to the movies in your pajamas, getting a large popcorn, and licking your fingers when you're done because you don't give a shit who's offended.

Not the kind of nothing where you stand by and wipe your brow that you're not like "all these single chicks" while your man is tricking you into feeling proud he's stuck around this long. Not the kind of nothing where you settle for the only quality time spent being in his spare time.

The fact you're willing to give it your all entitles you to more than just the bare minimum. You want creativity, effort, respect, someone who keeps himself up physically and financially so he can spoil you from time to time; not just a man who's faithful, then require that. Save the "I know my worth" speech because you're only getting paid what you're willing to charge. You've never went to McDonald's, ordered a double cheeseburger and then gave the clerk an extra 20 because of its "worth". A man is no different. Is he wrong? No. Everyone loves a good deal.

9035417434_15a6a1fd71_zHis credentials of why he's a good guy doesn't make him the good guy for you; not his education, his job, or the fact that he comes home every night. You'll always be a side chick so long as you're in love with the thought of something real while being faithful to your fantasy.

- @DerrickJaxn

Is Your Man Ashamed of You?

By Derrick Jackson
on September 12, 2015
1 comment

Written by: Derrick JaxnDont-Hit-It-If-You-Cant-Claim-It

I was reading an article titled, "Is Your Man Proud to Have You" by Miss Naja Matthews. It echoed the sentiments of women I talk to every day who are concerned as to whether or not their man is ashamed of them. Most of them feel insecure when they see guys on T.V. who love to parade their woman around.

But the problem is that society only sees men one of two ways; those who are proud, and those who are ashamed. But there a lot of guys who are simply secure.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's NOT ok for your man to refuse to be seen with you, hold your hand in public, or be tagged in Facebook pictures. If he's making sure you walk through the door 10 steps or better ahead of him and only takes you on dates in dark places, that's probably not your man.

But if he simply doesn't like being joined at the hip for every step he takes, you may want to consider actually feeling good about that.

Hear me out.

amberrSay a man has 2 pieces of jewelry; a $40k watch he bought for himself so he could stunt and the other is a college football championship ring he won the year he broke the all-time rushing record.

Now, he's going to have that expensive watch at every event, every party, show it to his boys, Instagram it, make a rap song about it, etc. When his boys comment on the physical appeal, he'll rub his hands and say "Yeah I know right? You know me, that's how I do." Then probably point at his new J's and rims as an ego boosting packaged deal.

But as for that ring, he'll bring it out for the more special occasions all while making sure it's properly maintained, shiny as ever, and safely out of harm's way. If his boys do inquire, he'll dare the comments to go too far to the left or right before he sets the tone for what respect is to be given. Probably won't even let them get too close to it without a threat, and all hell will break lose if they have the audacity to ask to try it on.

Which one do you think he cares about more?

For real men, it's the ring. Even if it has a few scratches(wrinkles/stretch marks/imperfections period), it was earned, not bought or picked up, nor is it just for show.

Besides, you never want to be the "Display Only" girlfriend. I've met those types; Next Top Model material, what every girl dreams of waking up to see in the mirror, but they're miserable because dudes are only eager to show them off for brownie points because he's too insecure to have a good woman who's not fresh off the runway.

"But if he's proud, he doesn't care who sees it".  And if he's secure, he won't care who doesn't. That's their problem.

So if your man has yet to substitute his profile picture with one of your selfies, don't panic. So long as he treats you right, makes women aware that he's off the market, and brings you out in the daytime every now and then, you're good.ti-tiny-family-hustle

- Derrick Jaxn


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