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Bronze Package (I Still Deserve It, I've Come Too Far)

$ 21.99 (was $ 27.99)

This short but POWERFUL set of books contains my latest creations, the "I Still Deserve It" and "I've Come Too Far" books of affirmations. These are particularly special to me, not because they're new, but because for the first time, I've made myself 100% of service to you. My other books come from my heart, but these come from my purpose with my heart mixed in(it's the only way I know how to write).

But for the woman who's been on the brink of giving up on love or the person who has a lot on their plate they're not always sure they can chew, this set, if used right, can change your life. Here's a few samples to let you know what I mean...

I Still Deserve It


I've Come Too Far


Buy this set today and SAVE! 

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